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             Concise. ReadableAffordable.                     And with over 40,000 copies sold, it will

   help you handle any essay you have to write. 

You’re in college or maybe your final year in high school.


Like many of your friends you’re probably not thrilled about having to write essays. You’re well aware, however, that to achieve the desired grades, completing essays is part of the deal.

You’re also smart enough to know that by getting these writing skills now, you’ll thank yourself down the road. Why? Because it will make a huge difference to both your career and your personal life.

However, there’s one thing you want today above all - a process that works. That means finding resources (including instructors) that:

  • Respect your time

  • Respect your budget

  • Provide value


Ten Steps will help.

About us

The NS Group

The NS Group publishes concise, affordable books on writing for students in high school/college as well as small business entrepreneurs. Our objective is to better equip them to succeed at school and in business.


Neil Sawers, Author 

I’m a writer. Have been for over 35 years. Most of it                      for business. I believe in being practical and keeping                      it simple. Ten Steps is both, with 40,000 copies sold.

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Ten Steps

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Ten Steps first came out in 1993. Someone had asked me to recommend a book about writing essays that was affordable, uncomplicated, and brief, and compact enough to easily carry around.

​Nothing fit the criteria. Those carried by the university bookstore were too expensive, too long (students rarely read more than they have to), and overly complex.

Where was simplicity? 

Where was the key information students needed in clear concise terms, designed with them in mind?

Nothing was available. That became the impetus for creating Ten Steps.​

This is the Fourth Edition.

How Ten Steps Will Help You

Concise. Brief, to the point. No long-winded explanations here. Ten Steps is straightforward, designed to get you up and running fast, without delay, so you can accomplish what you need to and move on.

  • Affordable. Not some lengthy overpriced textbook. Priced to fit your budget, Ten Steps is exceptional value for money that won’t put a dent in your coffee habit or your favorite curbside takeout during Covid.


  • You want to learn. When you’re prepared to do the work, each Step flows from one to another in a natural progression. You learn as you go, making it less likely that you’ll get stuck or run into Writer’s Block.


  • You don’t want any essay assignment to hold you back. Nobody wants to be held back a year or miss graduating due to something within their control. Ten Steps will help you find your way through essay writing so you can be confident that you will accomplish your objectives.


  • Save time. Your time is precious. It’s yours to do with as you wish. Ten Steps gives you a process to get your essay completed on time. Assignment done, you’ll have more time communicating/Zooming with friends, or whatever else you plan on doing.


  • Less stress. Essays are notorious for creating panic, especially if you’ve got an assignment due the next morning. You don’t wish that on anyone. It’s tempting to put things off. Don’t. Get going early. Use Ten Steps. You deserve a break so give yourself one.


  • Great tools. In Ten Steps, great emphasis is placed on using tools like Mind Maps and Brainstorming. These tools are so valuable in helping your research and making sense of what you discover. Not only that but you’ll find yourself using them in so many things you'll do later on.                                                                                                                           

  • Confidence builder. There is nothing like the satisfaction you get when you know you can do something. Ten Steps gives you that kind of certainty and peace of mind. You can relax with a cup of coffee, and not worry about needing caffeine to stay awake at three am in order to finish an assignment.                                                                                  

  • Help you tomorrow. The value you get out of Ten Steps won’t end when your schooling is over. Everything you learn here can be applied to what you do in future and how you communicate that for yourself and for others. That’s a promise.                                                       

  • Unique format. The right page focuses on detailed information. The left page emphasizes key points. Each page reinforces the other, enhancing what you learn. (Check PDF      format for Step 4, Identify Your Thesis.)






“We love your textbook and definitely plan to continue using it in our nursing programs.”

                            Sue Otto, Chair, Division of Nursing, Thomas University


“A straightforward and helpful guide not only for high school, college and graduate students, but also for professionals in any vocation that involves writing essays or papers. Enthusiastically recommended.”

                                     The Midwest Book Review. Small Press Bookwatch


“The book is short (and concise)…with a small narrow format. Activities, advice or tips are in large print on one page and the opposite page contains details. This format works brilliantly. This is a true handbook: keep it close at hand because you can and will use it.”                                                                                                                                                                               The Paranoid Agnostic


“Sawers’ text compresses the gist of what writing and research strategies entail. His quick, accessible style makes my students read about writing, which is a tough trick for people who are visually adroit, but less inclined to read.”

          Ce Ce Iandoli, Chair, Design + Industry, San Francisco State University

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